It's been a very long time since I've shot film. Probably three years have gone by. On my recent trip to Japan I bought a few rolls of fuji color film because it was significantly cheaper there than it is in the states. I headed to NY to visit my loved ones and decided to bring it along. I loved returning to that original intimacy of shooting. I feel incredibly grateful.

Shooting film is a combination of patience and decisiveness, two things I normally  have a lot of trouble with. I guess that's what makes the practice so meditative, and why it's probably really good for me. I've been turned off to portraits for a while. Not because I don't love them, but because I was feeling overwhelmed by how saturated the world of photography is, especially in LA. What makes my eye special and why would I want to just be one more person thrown into an already overflowing pot?

...But then I remembered. Each one of us has our own special energy. What I love most about photography is capturing the authentic spirit of a person or place. There is something so intimate about that. I feel refreshed by this reminder. We are capturers of light. That is to say the light that a soul gives. What an honor.