Osaka Day to Night

Straight off the train from Tokyo, I arrive to Kyoto station, greet my friends, store my suitcase in a locker, and get on another train to spend the rest of the day in Osaka. We started off the day eating fried food, and ended it watching middle-aged fanatic men dancing to a personified anime star in Dotonbori. 

There were so many people. What struck me most about Osaka was the high energy. Everything felt so fun. Even one of the grocery stores we stopped in used to be a Pachinko place and has all of these crazy LED lights. The shops were overwhelming, as were the quick changes, but we continued onward, the city flashing before us.

Juri and Alain said that Osaka is often considered to be like New York, funny enough we had a coffee break at none other than Brooklyn Roasting Company.

After a very long day, so much walking, and a relentless search for a blue wig, we hopped on the train back to Kyoto where I was to spend the next 4 nights. While my trip to Osaka was brief, I'm glad I got a glimpse of this intense city. You can be sure that I took some great video of what went down in make sure to stay tuned.