Pack Light

As both an artist and active person I've found it difficult in the past to travel light and include all of the things I need for my work/sanity. Rule of thumb, pack for a week and do laundry, include lightweight fabrics that dry quickly, bring your most versatile items, and wear your bulkier/heavier items on the plane.

Not pictured here:

Toiletry bag including- 1 Travel-sized Dr. Brauners, Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss, Shea Butter, Deoderant, Diva Cup, Band-aids, Mascara, Liquid Eye-liner, 1 Lipstick, Chapstick

What I was wearing:

Comfy walking-friendly boots, Nano Puff Jacket, Pashmina Scarf, 1 more T, 1 more comfy pair of pants, Hat, all the Jewelry i'll need for the whole trip ie. Necklace, hoops, watch

Also, sometimes I even bring a teeny lightweight jump rope.

I'll be in Japan for the next few weeks so stay tuned for more posts on my travels here!