Viñales Pt.1

6 marzo:

I've reached that point when you realize that you're going to miss a place when it's gone. Maybe that’s a pointless way to think of it or maybe that’s just me being grateful for where I am.

This past weekend we went to Viñales, which is about three hours away
from Havana. The main town is pretty touristy, but even just driving through the countryside was beautiful. So many little colorful houses with kids playing pelota outside. A lot of horses and cows and chickens and vast green spaces. We stayed in these little casa
particulares that only had one or two rooms each, so we all split up among houses along the block. But all of the people on the block were friends and so we would take turns having meals at the different houses.

Our first day we went spelunking in the second largest cave in Cuba. The guides took us through a path that was not known to many tourists and was extremely rocky and steep. I took a lot of photos when I wasn’t using my hands to scale the sides of the rocks.