Teatro Nacional

february 14:

On Wednesday I went early in the day to check out the Teatro Nacional where I’d heard there were dance classes. He told me what I’ve been hearing over and over and over, there are only dance classes in the summer, and that the rest of the year dance groups just rehearse. 

I told him I was a student and he let me come and watch them rehearse for a musical that they were to be putting on that weekend. I was super impressed. The director was very kind and gave me two free tickets to Friday’s show. Even though I couldn’t find a dance class, it felt like one of those serendipitous moments that really makes traveling feel worthwhile. I have begun to have that sense that even when things don’t go according to plan beauty will still come together all around me.

This proved to be true when on Friday I arrived with a friend after a 45 minute walk to discover that the show had been postponed. Because we were already there, we decided to go see the other production, a national ballet, even though neither of us really had any deep interest in ballet dance. The ticket was 10 pesos (about 50 cents). I’d heard that ballet in Cuba is super hard core, so I definitely was expecting talent, but I was completely blown away. These were some serious dancers.