Fish pic and a Concert

Flashback Week 2:

Above: Fish on a street sign

Below: Photos from a concert on the Prado.

We were told it was going to be a jazz concert so I was definitely expecting a certain experience. Getting there was almost comical. We couldn't catch a maquina because we were a large group and it was rush hour. We knew we were gonna be really late so we decided to pay the extra money and take a taxi. Once we got there we couldn't find the place because everyone we asked pointed  us to a different corner and sent on us on a wild goose chase. When we finally arrived, we were about half an hour late. When we walked in everyone looked at us because it turned out to be a rather quiet, sit down, classical thing. The concert was good, but it was hard to reconcile my expectations with the reality of it. I had a good laugh about the situation though, also about the guy in the back corner who slept through the entire thing. 

The building was a restored once Spanish-owned building, which was quite beautiful. One of my favorite parts about being here is comparing the varying architectures in different parts of the city.