Back in the City

I'm back in New York City. Time some managed to make me forget how much I love it here. As cliché  as it is to say, there is always always always something going on and I freaking love that (for lack of a better way to put it). It took me a while to really settle into things so I apologize for the time gap between posts... but rest assured I am back, and will continue to write and post photos. 
I have some serious reflecting to do before I can give you any previews of what this next year might be like (academic year), but I am definitely sensing some big changes. I have three more videos to edit and post from my Brief Interviews series--when I'm done with that I will decide whether or not the time is right to continue with that project, or if it is time to start a new one. Regardless, there will be stuff. I'm always thinking of stuff and doing stuff, so there will be no lack of stuff. 
To all of the people who have contacted me with kind words about my blog, thank you so much. No kidding you are my motivation to keep it going. Even if I only have 2 or 3 fans it's worth it to me :)
Here are some photos of my first day out in the city (this past Saturday). Up until that point it was all unpacking and errands so it feels good to finally be done.