Nashville, Tennessee

After my first overnight layover in Miami, I headed over to Nashville for a second 6 hour layover. Unlike in Miami, I was completely on my own (and super excited about it). I got in around 11:40 AM and asked around to figure out where the cool spots were. I figured out how to get a shuttle bus to downtown Nashville and began the trip over, fully dressed in tourist garb (running shoes, backpack and all). I spent the day wandering up and down the streets, peeking inside the different bars and listening in on the various country music artists. After all, Nashville is the capitol of Country music. The highlight of my experience was the ice cream was this little group that I found outside of a cowboy boot store. They were really good! Not to mention charismatic and fun to look at. They introduced themselves as "Boot Sale" because of the sign that was posted behind them. 
Everyone in Nashville was nice and I am hoping to go back another time for a bit longer. Oh, and I took advantage of the boot sale and got myself a pair of some good old Nashville Cowboy boots.