Now that I am finally home (after an extremely long layover in Miami and then in Nashville) I have been reflecting on the past month that I spent in Brasil. I would describe the trip as wholesome-- it was not perfect, but what was not perfect helped me grow. So, in this post I will be writing about some of the things that I experienced that I learned from, what worked, and what didn't work. 
But first, here is this photo: Shortly after sunrise in Bonfim, Salvador

Traveling alone as a female is freaking difficult. When you are a foreigner you already draw a certain amount of attention to yourself, but when you are a woman it is just that much more. I had to figure out how to be ballsy and a risk-taker without being reckless and stupid. It is difficult and uncomfortable when you receive cat calls every five steps that you take. I learned that it is pretty much impossible to blend. So how do you deal with it? I'm still figuring that out, but it helped making friends with natives and finding people to travel with when I was going further away.

You need to plan, but also be willing to deviate from the plan. I don't think I planned enough. I kind of hoped that I would just show up there and walk around and find great things. Yes, that did occasionally happen, but other times I spent way too much time sitting thinking and trying to figure out what to do with terrible public transportation and no car. So, I have learned my lesson. I really need to do my research and figure out exactly what to do and how to do it. Having said that, I did notice a certain theme during my experience. Absolutely nothing happens the way you think it will. I can say with utter confidence that zero things happened in a textbook manner. It can be difficult and frustrating, but those moments kind of turned out to be the most rewarding ones.

I find it important to emphasize one thing to all of you. This blog, my photos, my writing are really my heart and soul. I am sharing how I see and how I think. Everything that I put up here leaves me vulnerable. But I do it. I do it because I want to share, I need to share. So all the learning that I do to become a more experienced traveler is really not just for me, it is for all of you. I will only continue to learn and travel, and I hope that I will grow and that my blog will also continue to grow.

This is what I am passionate about. Minha paixão

One more thing, after traveling I realized that I want people from all over the world to be able to read what I write, and not only if they speak English. So hopefully one day I will be able to have a setting that translates my blog into many languages. But for now, Até logo Brasil. I'll be seeing you soon.