Day 5

This morning I went with my cousin to Pelourinho and Mercado Modelo. Pelourinho is a section of the city that I really love because it is so full of dance and music and art all the time. It is definitely touristy now, but luckily I was there with people who knew the place well enough to take me to the other parts. 
Mestre Boa Gente invited my cousin and I to an open roda in Pelourinho at the Fundacao Mestre Bimba. These photos are of the little samba de roda that the ladies put on there. There are only a couple photos because after I got up to dance with them.

This is a nice view of part of Pelourinho, I don't have many photos today but I will be spending a lot of time there. Here is just a little taste.

The view of the lower city from the upper city (there is an elevator that you can take here between the two for 15 centavos). Its interesting because I noticed two different types of people: 1. the tourists taking pictures in the line with their fanny packs and 2. the people who live here and are really just taking it to get to the upper city.