On Family

Two nights ago I sat on the subway coming back from soho. I was laughing with my girls and a man interrupted me on my left and said "Excuse me, so I'm gay so you know I'm not hitting on you, but I just need to ask you a question" He proceeded to tell me about his niece who was soon to be turning 18, a young black woman, and about the difficulty that she's had finding a strong community for herself. He told me how she moved to New York from her home to get away from consistently being jumped because of her race. That is a whole other issue to get into, one that I'm not well-versed in, but I told him that finding a strong-knit support group of women is the best thing in the world. At my stop I wished him and his niece luck and went on my way. I feel of course sad that anyone should have to endure such struggles, but I felt especially grateful for the many families that I have been blessed with at birth and that I have been able to create and strengthen throughout my life. I take for granted all the people in my life who support me and are there for me on a daily basis--people who will at the drop of the hat pause their own lives to make sure that they are there for me. As cliché and cheesy as it is, I can't help but recognize how much better you all make my life. I'm glad that my friendships aren't superficial, and are based in deep-seated respect and admiration and love. I can't take it for granted, so yea...thanks you guys I love you all.