On Rejection

It is so extremely human to suffer from self-consciousness. That alone is a terribly difficult issue to deal with, but when we are feeling our most confident we also become subject to the steepest fall. How do you deal with it when you know that you could really impact something if you were only given a chance? To put your all into something, to back it up with everything you have, with your own body and mind, only to be rejected is painful. How do you build yourself up again? We are told over and over again that "when one door closes, two doors open", but this truth only seems to skims the surface. This is something that I can be told over and over again, but never really understand when I am blinded by the emotions of the moment. I guess I can only really speak for myself, but I cannot be fully repaired by a quote (no matter how raw and true it may be). The damage to ones belief and true, deep-seated confidence in oneself is a much deeper wound to heal--much harder to coax and coddle and persuade. And despite the fact that everyone experiences this, it, quite frankly, still feels like shit. How do you bounce back? How do you grow from it? It has always been hard for me to not take things so personally. I don't even really understand what that means. Of course its personal, everything is personal. If its not personal, I am offended because that means that you skimmed me. I can handle not being the right fit, and I can handle rejection, it might take time but I can certainly handle it. I can build myself up again, but I cannot handle being skimmed. Some people believe that rejection is life trying to put you back on track and some keep trying until they succeed no matter how exhausting it might be, and it is exhausting. But I guess there really is no other option but to continue trying.