On Being Wrong

I don't think I've ever met someone who wants to be wrong. It is not necessarily that we are selfish or stubborn (though sometimes that is the case) but that we want to trust ourselves and we need to believe in ourselves--being wrong damages the ability to do so. The smaller things are often easier to get over than the bigger things. It's so easy for me to get frustrated about being wrong about the bigger things because I am human and its upsetting when I believe in something as deep as another person's good conscience and good character, only to realize that I was completely, utterly incorrect. I don't want to say deceived because it was something in me. I made the decision to believe in that person, it would be unfair to blame them. How do you recover from that? I know it happens to the best of us and that its really okay to be wrong and important to accept that, but how do you not begin to feel like you have misjudged everyone. Because if I misjudged you then isn't it likely I've misjudged everyone and everything else? A while ago I talked about indecisiveness and how if sometimes sways me from following my own intuition. What if I follow my intuition and I'm STILL wrong? Then what do I have to help give me a sense of direction? Then am I not just aimlessly wandering? If anyone has any input, email me I'd be seriously interested in hearing what you have to say.