On Risks

No one is ever going to give you space, you have to take your own space. Lines are meant to be crossed, rules are meant to be broken. Boundaries exist only so that they can exist in your conscience, because when you know they exist, you can cross them. Its good to be uncomfortable, its good to push things forward. When it is ever fun to stay in a box? Boxes are comfortable and boring. 

Having said that, it takes a lot to be vulnerable. It takes a lot to be vulnerable over and over again, which is often the case. I ask myself all the time: How can I write and make art from a place of honesty and vulnerability. How do I take what is inside and share it with the world? I've been told over and over again that the moments people most appreciate in art are the ones that are honest, which are coincidentally also the ones that are the most terrifying to share. It is terrifying because if you are being honest, then you are sharing your own truth, and when you do that you make your truth subject to ridicule. 

I always pine for realness and what is true, but this means consistently placing myself on an unstable structure. I know that I'm not just creating this necessity, this yearning for travel and experience and life, I know that it's not just a creation of my imagination (though I admit, it does like to get carried away). But these are risks that I will have to take in order to feel alive. And so, though I'm only human and I slip more than the next one, I'll dive in again and again because I am brave and because that's what bravery requires. Life would be so much easier if I could settle for less, but that wouldn't really be living.