A few nights ago we decided to go to a $5 concert at the Troubadour simply because we had nothing else to do and felt like being spontaneous. We arrived in time to see the headlining band The PLaNETS and the beginning of the following band, The Janks. We walked in and a lady holding a basket was passing out fake pointy fingers made out of newspaper. "They're for the end of the show" she said. I was immediately worried/excited to see what craziness I had gotten myself in to. As soon as I heard the first trance-like noises I knew that some weird stuff was about to ensue. I don't know whether the strangest part was when the lead singer pretended to lose his hand, or when people dressed as animals started crawling out onto the floor. By the time the robot joined the dancing audience and torn paper bits were thrown out into the crowd, I was totally immersed in the eclectic, foggy world that they had created. The music itself was entrancing and the crowd definitely got caught up in the spirited dancers and musicians, myself included. The Janks followed after, and we only got to see the beginning because our meter was running out, but they were really good! I think its good to get out and experience things that are completely new and the concert was definitely that. Though it was  a bit strange, there was not one part of it that I did not enjoy.