Today is the last day of multiples for a while, and at first I found myself freaked out, wondering why I hadn't paid more attention to the last ones. The more that I thought about it, the more I realized how much time really scares us. But the truth is, time is created, thats why, no matter how much we try to solidify it, it is never consistent. Today is December 12th, 2012, but more importantly, it is a new day. Is this the reminder that we need to live in the moment? Every day is a new day, and there will never be a day exactly like today, or another one exactly like yesterday. So should we continue to mourn for the loss of another day? Maybe today is one day further away from a moment that we wish we could relive, but it is also one day closer to the next one. More importantly we are here, now, in this moment, in this day. Today is today. What more can we really ask for? We may have obligations (we always do, its finals week and look what I'm doing), but im doing something for myself because unfortunately it being 12/12/12 was a reminder that this day is completely original and completely unique. What will happen when these days of multiples are gone? Will we forget the uniqueness of each day? Will we forget that each moment counts because it seems like the days, weeks,  months, years are merely repeating themselves, not creating themselves new, fresh, and reborn as they actually are? I hope that I won't forget. I don't want to need a reminder, but I really really don't want to forget.