Reva Santo is a multi-media artist, storyteller, and scholar. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she relocated to NYC and graduated in Film Studies from Columbia University where she earned the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts, and the Henry Evans Travel Fellowship for research. She founded Honey and Smoke Media in 2012.

Reva is deeply invested in telling narratives about, and for, marginalized people. 

Reva is a pisces / aquarius cusp.

Honey and Smoke first began as a travel blog and photo diary and has since evolved into an ongoing inquiry into transnational, borderless space. Honey and Smoke stems from an awareness of globalized inequality based on race, gender, sexuality, and citizenship. It collects and shares stories of home, love, exploration, and limitation in order to create links across constructed physical boundaries. Visual mediums are primarily photography, film, and writing.

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